Laser Systems

Laser Plastic Welding Overview Brochure

Cover of Laser Plastic Welding Brochure

The latest evolution in joining technology. This brochure will provide a snapshot of laser plastic welding, the capabilities, some application examples and LPKF competencies within the field. Read it Now

Inline Systems for Automation Integration

Laser plastic welding is well suited for high-volume applications that require full automation. There are multiple solutions available for many different types of automated projects. This brochure will give you a clear overview of those systems.


LQ Integration by LPKF Image

The LQ-Integration is a versatile system designed to integrate seamlessly with any automation/production line. The welding head is separated from the main control cabinet. The system comes with all of the benefits and capabilities of a stand-alone laser plastic welding system such as process monitoring controls, versatile software and state-of-the-art clamping technology.

LQ TwinWeld 3D

TwinWeld3D Close-up on Tail Lamp Welding Image

With a robotic arm guided laser source, this system is designed for large parts and complex shapes. Did someone say car tail lights? The hybrid technology integrated into this systems sets it apart from the mix of other laser welders. Hybrid technology takes advantage of halogen lamps to provide polychromatic heating to…

LQ-Vario MF

Microfluidic Device Close Up Image

The LQ-Vario MF is a specialized version of the standard LQ-Vario system. The MF version is specially designed to weld microfluidic devices. Microfluidic devices require extremely precise and accurate welding. The MF series Vario is outfitted with a special fiber laser that is capable of producing beam spot sizes as small as 0.07mm in diameter,…

Quality Monitoring

Laser Plastic Welding Reflection Diagnosis DIgram

Quality starts with a safe and reliable welding process, and continues with proper testing. The LPKF LQ systems boast integrated process monitoring including regulation mechanisms which correct even the smallest deviations.This brochure highlights the process monitoring capabilities of laser welding systems.

TMG2 Handheld Transmission Testing System

Laser Transmission Measuring Device Image

The LQ-TMG2 is a handheld unit design for testing the transmission rates of plastics. Excellent for material selection, quality control and testing; the TMG2 is becoming an industry standard for ensuring proper material transmission. Read it Now  

LQ-Spot Laser Staking System

Laser Heat Staking Diagram

The LQ-Spot is a hot riveting system designed for mounting circuit boards into plastic housings. A project typical done with imprecise welding systems, glue or screws; there was a lot of room for improvement. The LQ-Spot provides perfectly reliable mounting with no chance of damaging the circuit board. The precise control over…