Design Guidelines: Hybrid Laser Welding of Automotive Lighting

This design guide is an elaboration on the original LPKF Design Guidelines for Laser Plastic Welding. You will find this document has a specific focus on automotive exterior lighting. All of the considerations have been adapted to this topic and other details have been added. The purpose of this Automotive…

Clamp Tools and Fixturing in Laser Plastic Welding

Solid knowledge and execution of clamping and fixturing can have a profound effect on the laser welding process. To ensure quality welds during laser plastic welding, intimate contact between the two parts is paramount. Close contact will allow for adequate heat to be transferred, through heat conduction, from the absorbing…

Material Compatibility Chart

Material Compatibility Chart for Laser Plastic Welding

This chart displays the most common, weldable thermoplastics. Each sample of this study was done with the plastic materials in their natural state. Please take note of the color system which indicates weld quality. For more information on plastics a compatibility please see the Laser Plastic Welding Design Guidelines document or the Design…

New Design Guidelines Version 4.0

This very popular document has just been updated to version 4.0, and is now available. The Laser Plastic Welding Design Guidelines is a powerful document for engineers designing applications for laser plastic welding. This improved document covers the main factors affecting a quality weld, material considerations, process types, and much more.